Many brides want to have a sun kissed look on their big day and if you plan this in advance it can be achieved.  If you haven’t had a spray tan before the best advice is to meet up with an expert from a tanning saloon and discuss what look you are after.  Again weeks before the big day and several trials together you can work out the best product and look for you.

Do your research for the best salon, look online at reviews and someone you are going to feel comfortable with.

Tans work different on everyone so it may takes a few trials to get the right shade for you.

Some top tips before your tanning is to exfoliate and if you are waxing do this 48 hours before tanning.  (shaving can be done 24 hours before)  Avoid moisturising before as it can cause a barrier.

If you go for DIY approach and buy a tanning kit of the shelf again just practice in plenty of time before your wedding day so you no exactly how it will turn out on the day.